About Darkhorse

Darkhorse Racing Kennel is built around the philosophy of keeping my dogs exceptionally happy.

These athletes are all raised from puppyhood by me, Riley, and my mentality is that every dog– regardless of size, build, etc– has the potential to excel when given enough time and commitment.

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The Dogs

Happy dogs make great athletes. This is my focus at Darkhorse. The kennel size is small so I can focus on the individual needs of each member. With time and investment for each, I know these guys can achieve their best potential.

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Darkhorse is a distance mushing sled dog kennel. This means the dogs and I participate in mid-distance races (usually around 300 miles) as well as long distance races (1,000 milers). Our first 1,000 mile race is happening in February of 2018: the infamous Yukon Quest. Stay tuned to hear our official 2017/2018 race plan, as well as to keep updated on races!

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Follow Darkhorse adventures here. Whether we’re breaking down races, giving you a recap of our latest training, or filling you in on summer plans, this is the place to hear the more in-depth goings on of Darkhorse.


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Sponsorship and Gear

Help Darkhorse make it to the start line of the Yukon Quest, the toughest sled dog race in the world. There are lots of ways to become part of the team.

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