Darkhorse is Heading to Quest

I’m pretty excited to announce that the team and I have officially signed up for The Yukon Quest 2018. The race is 1,000 miles, stretching from Alaska to the Yukon, and begins February 3rd. You can learn more about the Quest and see the Darkhorse bio at www.yukonquest.com.

Currently the dogs and I are still high above Skagway on the Denver Glacier, showing guests the ropes of dog mushing. We’ll be back in Fairbanks in early September to begin fall training. Check back here and on our Facebook page for updates throughout training this fall and winter on how the team is doing.

As always a huge thank you to Alaska Icefield Expeditions, Inc. for your continued support on and off the trail! Check back here to learn more about the dogs and see how you can help support the team on the trail!