Calm. Cool. Collected. That about sums up Fuse. Wait, did you see that trail marker!? Let’s catch it! This guy loves chasing after anything out of the ordinary on the trail, trail markers in races included. During this year’s Copper Basin 300 Fuse broke into an excited lope every time he saw the reflection tape on top of a trail marker (there were about 800 trail markers on the trail and he didnt miss his chance to run after a single one). I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little partial to female leaders but this little guy runs with a chip on his shoulder, always excited about what’s up ahead and seemingly trying to prove that he’s got what it takes to live up to his mother Neptune’s legacy. When stopped Fuse is quiet, calm, and often lays down and takes a nap during hookup, unperturbed by his wild harness banging team mates. Once it’s go time he’s up and loping. He’s a very smooth moving and light framed dog who transitions effortlessly between a smooth trot and a steady lope when he’s in the front of the team, chasing after every bend and twist in the trail. He’s a sweet and cuddly dog who gets along with everyone in the team, but his favorite partner is Yam: when paired up together it’s really tough to keep the team below 10mph. Their mellow personalities compliment each other well. They have a friendly rivalry, always pushing the other to drive a little harder. You can sponsor this guy for the 2018 season and support one of the coolest leaders on any race trail!


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