Juice! Often mistaken for a puppy by new acquaintances, this pint sized girl weighs in at only 35 pounds, but don’t let her size fool you, she is a key part of the team. This super leader has always been the commander of the Leatherman theme litter. From being the very first puppy in her litter to venture outside of the whelping box across the snow at only 17 days old, to charging ahead of all the other puppies on every puppy walk, to eventually maturing into one of the most solid leaders on the team, this girl has been a leader in her mind since day one. Juice is the most like her mother, Neptune, out of her litter. She’s ultra competitive and can not stand to see other dogs or dog teams ahead of her. At only 7 months old she was running in single lead and head-on passing teams, and has only progressed from there. Juice didn’t do a ton of leading during this year’s Copper Basin because Fuse and Yam took the reins early on and never wanted to be moved from that spot (due mainly in part to Yam being one year older than the rest of the puppy leaders and showing a bit more maturity during the teams first big race).

You should expect to see Juice having a break out season in lead this upcoming year during both the Copper Basin 300 and the 2018 Yukon Quest. She has a never-ending energy reserve and a never-ending appetite to boot. Despite her tiny size Juice really is everything I want in a leader. Her best friend and favorite co-leader is La Jefa, who is only a pound or two larger than Juice. Together they are a joy to watch run, syncing into perfect harmony in both stride and speed and complimenting each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You can become Juice’s exclusive sponsor for the 2018 season and see what strong willed girls can do!


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