Sidekick is another yearling male and is the most playful member of the Leatherman litter. He is the only one of my dogs who enjoys playing with “normal” dog toys; balls, sticks, squeaky toys. Everyone else in the kennel enjoy more traditional sled dog toys: bones, frozen fish, and meat. He is about 50 pounds and all legs. He’s also very clever and knows “gee/haw” (left and right) turning commands as well as any of my leaders in the kennel, however his playful personality creates an aptitude for him to chase after grouse, squirrels, and MOOSE when he is in lead.

Sidekick had a great race year, finishing strong in the Copper Basin 300, followed by a very challenging spring. Sidekick was involved in an encounter with a moose in early February and had to have emergency surgery to repair his abdomen and internal organs. After having 18 inches of his large intestine removed and a lot of sleepless nights for both of us, this tough as nails survivor has since made a full recovery. When the incident happened we were preparing for the Kobuk 440 in April, the money I had allotted for transportation to that unique race (based wayyyy up high in the arctic circle) went to Sidekick’s vet bills and I also had to shut down training for two weeks while he recovered because I was too nervous to leave him alone for more than an hour or two at a time. Thankfully he is back to his old self, staring down squirrels and barking at anything and everything that moves. Sponsor Sidekick for the 2018 season and follow him as he makes his comeback into the race team. He’s a truly tough dog with the scars to prove it!

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