Squirt, AKA Tater Tot!

Squirt is a member of the Leatherman litter theme of pups and is arguably the happiest dog in the world. Squirt was the runt male of his litter and wasn’t much larger than a baby mouse when he was born. He needed help nursing for the first week of his life but has now grown into one of the best dogs on the team. As close to a clone of his father Koyuk from Smokin’ Ace Kennels as you can get personality wise, this little guy has an effortless trot and and is always showing off his happy-go-lucky attitude and handsome looks for all the girls. Sponsoring Squirt will help power him down the trail for the season and there’s a good chance that Squirt will be joining his brother Fuse and sister Juice up front in lead this coming winter! He has been showing enormous potential and responsiveness to commands while running up front this spring.

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