Yam! When Yam was a baby she was small, orange, and sweet; hence her name. Now at two years old she’s all grown up and the only thing that has changed is that she’s big, orange, and sweet. Yam is the most sensitive dog in the kennel and is more in tune with my emotions than any of the other dogs in the team. If I’m in a bad mood or upset she seems to know it before I even interact with her. This seems like a small thing but it’s an extra boost for me to keep my spirits up and attitude positive even in the most stressful situations on the trail, which is contagious throughout the team. When in harness Yam is a beast of a dog, at 55 pounds of solid muscle and leg this hard working girl is one of the most powerful dogs in the team and her hard driving, tail wagging, go-go-go attitude makes her one of my most reliable leaders. If I need speed she’s my go-to girl. Yam is also the proud new mother to eleven puppies who will be split between myself and my good friend Ryne Olson at Ryno Sled Dog Kennel. You can become this special girl’s exclusive sponsor and watch her lead the Darkhorse team through our first 1000 mile race!


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